The Funny Man

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Funny Man; Exclusive Dailymotion Webseries

The Funny Man: Trailer by RIGHT-HOOK-FILMS

The Funny Man is the result of determination and persistence.  A year working on a 100 page script and another 8 months looking for funding... 

When you set out to make a motion picture project, it's easy to find people interested in becoming involved on a creative level, yet the challenge of securing “Hollywood funding” remains...  not everyone is willing to step out on the limb.

As luck and fate would have it, a company based in France called Dailymotion recognized the potential of The Funny Man project.

I received an email from Dailymotion with the offer to finance The Funny Man as an exclusive Dailymotion web-series.  The catch being, that the turn around for the endeavor would be a matter of weeks.  Here was an amazing offer to produce exclusive content for a world-class video sharing platform with a reach of nearly 12 million unique viewers in North America each month, however, there would only be a few weeks from the date of funding to delivery and launch…  and deciding which elements from the script to boil down that would convey the theme, tone and concept in 10 exciting and unique episodes would be a significant challenge.  None-the-less, my plan for The Funny Man always involved a series of short form video released on the internet.  After all, the story is about a villain who records video clips of his victims, demanding that they say something funny on camera before he kills them.

If you have a moment, please check out The Funny Man Series on Dailymotion.  I’m doing my best to spread the word, and I believe there is more to come.

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