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Monday, June 13, 2011

Domiziano Arcangeli; International Model, Actor and Film Producer Joins THE FUNNY MAN Cast!

Domiziano Arcangeli was first discovered by famous photographer, Helmut Newton, and when he was 15 he was cast by Federico Fellini in the Academy Award winning film, "Intervista".  He has acted in more than 100 films since then, and has worked with many film legends, including Samuel L Jackson, Dennis Hopper, Sean Connery , Brett Halsey, Anita Ekberg, Mickey Rourke and Sir Laurence Olivier.

He followed the successful Fellini film with 20th Century Fox's "The Name of the Rose" co-starring opposite Sean Connery, and later played in Sony Classics film "St. Francis of Assisi", starring with Mickey Rourke and Helena Bonham Carter, directed by legendary auteur Liliana Cavani.
Domiziano's fans love him for the numerous cult and genre films that he has done over the years working with some of the greatest Euro-Directors of our time.  Among others, Lucio Fulci, Umberto Lenzi, Sergio Martino, Joe D'Amato, Stelvio Massi, Aldo Lado, Antonio Margheriti (aka Anthony Dawson), Bruno Mattei (aka Vincent Dawn), Giuseppe Vari, Ruggero Deodato, Mario Bianchi and many more.   

Domiziano Arcangeli has also worked with acclaimed film makers Jess Franco, Jean Rollin, Claude Chabrol, Franco Brusati, and Giuseppe Patroni-Griffi in many International productions in numerous foreign countries.

Domiziano Arcangeli starred in the hits, "Paprika" (1991) by Tinto Brass (of Caligula's fame), and in Giuseppe Schito's "The Boy from Ebalus", where he played opposite star Therese Ann Savoy. 

In the remarkable film "Pygmalion 88", Arcangeli created the morbid, carefree protagonist, MANUEL, portraying a certain kind of troubled restless and lonely desperate youth opposite Italian star Franco Nero.

Domiziano holds both American and Italian citizenship and in 2000 he moved to the US.  He immediately booked a regular lead role on the Showtime series "Zalman King's Chromium Blue" (which aired for 2 years) and appeared in various shows such as NBC's "The Restaurant",  WB's "Mutant X", E-Entertainment's "Hugh Hefner's:The Girls Next Door", MTV's "Switch Trip", USA Network's "Devil's Highway" opposite Dennis Hopper, and HBO's “Sin's Kitchen” in which he played his first major American role opposite Jeffrey Wright.  "Sin's Kitchen" marked a complete transition into his more recent image: The Villain.
Recently he played the tormented bad-guy in an edgy martial arts hit "Samurai Avenger:The Blind Wolf", showing a new look and superior combat skills! "Samurai Avenger:The Blind Wolf", directed by Kurando Mitsutake and co-produced with Domiziano, went on to win several major awards worldwide.  Domiziano also played a demon of the apocalypse in TNT's mini-series "Unlocking Ancient Secrets of the Bible" and a forlorn  junkie in the Lionsgate comedy "Still Waiting" with Justin Long, followed by a much anticipated cameo in Universal's "BRUNO" opposite Sasha Baron Cohen. He's next to be seen on Spike Tv's upcoming 4th Season of the Hit Show "1000 Ways to Die" and he is the Lead, in the Lionsgate and SyFy high tech "Virus X" presented by Sam Raimi, a film that Domiziano also Executive Produced.
In 2008 Domiziano formed his own film production company Empire Films, which has produced several upcoming films like "Lizzie" with Gary Busey and Corbin Bernsen, "Box of Shadows", by auteur extraordinaire Mauro Borrelli, and the Horror/Vampire/Erotica gem, "The Brides of Sodom" which is a controversial homage to his previous work in 1980's horror genre movies. 

Additional recent works by Domiziano include Shoreline Entertainment's gothic and intense erotic feature "ORGY OF BLOOD", and "The Scarlet Worm", a Spaghetti Western in which many famed cult actors from the 60's/70's are reunited.  He is also in the deeply unsettling film “Sister of Night”, about the vicious and hopeless underworld of drug users in Hollywood, "Scary or Die”, a surreal horror comedy starring Disney favorite Corbin Bleu, and  the anticipated shocking TLA horror release "Addicted to Blood", which is coming out soon.
Domiziano won BEST ACTOR at  THE TENEBRIA & HAMBURG FILM FESTIVALS for his turn as a former molested child who becomes a tormented snuff film maker, in the awards winning film "House of Flesh Mannequins" which his company also produced.

Empire Films, has given Domiziano the opportunity to branch out and create films that are not only interesting to watch, but are beautiful works of art.

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